Bridge’s performance review product was seeing a drop in usage and customer complaints were piling up. I uncovered the pain-points and re-designed the workflow to improve the annual review process.
Problem Space
Bridge Perform had just launched its annual review product. At first people loved it. As more and more started to use it however, the cracks in the MVP started to surface.

Workflow and privacy issues were causing major problems for customers. Our customer’s users were abandoning the product for other tools and our poor CS reps were getting angry phone calls with threats to cancel.
Role & Contribution
I lead research, discovery and design. From on-site visits for research to usability tests to design.
The design process took around a month in total.
The new workflow removed barriers which lead to higher adoption rates and an increase in review quality. Our Customer Satisfaction reps also received less angry calls 🙂
New Workflow
Before, the annual review agenda was shared between employee and manager. This caused issues with quality and more critically, privacy. The new flow gave each party their own private agenda.
Updated Dashboard
Updating the dashboard IA allowed managers to quickly identify the status of each employee and understand what they needed to do to prepare for the annual review.
Adding Guardrails
Mechanisms were put in place to ensure users understand the implications of their actions before making them permanent. Undo would have been better, but our tech wasn't ready.
Relieving Ambiguity
Users were constantly asking themselves “Am I done?”. Setting clear expectations before, during and after increased transparency and allowed people to spend mental resources on more important things.
Next Up
Collection of older, yet notable projects