Aloha, I’m Stanford Kekauoha, a Product Designer.
I design easy to use software, websites and apps.


Problems are often hairy and complex. I break the problem down into smaller chunks to arrive at a clear and simple solution.

Seek First to Understand

Before I fire up sketch, I make sure to understand the problem space and develop a targeted UX strategy.

Users + Business

I help your users achieve their goals while interacting with your business, win, win.


I don't always have all the answers, but when I do, it's because I am collaborating closely with all stakeholders.

Test, Iterate, Repeat

The key to a great product is to constantly prototype & test your designs. I like to think of it as failing forward.


responsive web

King Kog Bike Shop

A website redesign of a super rad bike shop looking to expand it's business to other states.

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native mobile


Working with a couple of developers, I lead the design process from user research to branding and UI design.

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responsive web


Working as the sole designer, I was challenged to rethink and redesign the grocery buying experience.

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mixed format

Personal Projects

Some projects I have worked on in my spare time to apply design in other industries and contexts from those I am working in everyday.

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Lets build something great together!

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