Aloha, I'm Stanford Kekauoha
As a product designer (UX/UI), I rely on my curiosity, collaboration, listening and observation skills to research and design new ways to help people lead more productive and fulfilling lives.
My Learning
Rethinking the content consumption experience of Instructure's corporate LMS to better support a pull learning methodology.
Roles & Permissions
Saving RainFocus time and money by creating a simple and intuitive way for admins to create and manage roles.
King Kog
King Kog wanted to rebrand & expand. We used a human-centered process to uncover the best strategies to do so.
A physical card game to app conversion that focuses on bringing people together to have a good laugh.
Exploring how a fictitious grocery store can compete with larger chains by pivoting to an online shopping experience.
The following are foundational principles that I strive to bring in to every project to ensure we make people’s lives easier and better.
We Not Me
Success is a by-product of working and collaborating with all stakeholders. Often, the best ideas don’t come from me.
Seek First to Understand
Insights power meaningful design. Uncovering and aligning around these insights make for innovative solutions.
Everything is Prototype
There is no such thing as a final version. Designs can always be improved. Test, iterate, repeat!